Transcending Global Conflict
How Basic Science Unifies the World

We hold two weekly seminars:

Wednesdays at 2:00 pm in LBNL room 50A-5132
Usually has a particle physics theme.
Organizers: Dorota Grabowska and Harikrishnan Ramani

Tuesdays at 3:40 pm in 402 Old LeConte
Features talks on string theory and quantum gravity.
Organizers: Ning Bao and Grant Remmen


Weekly Group Meetings

The group also holds two informal meetings, mostly with internal speakers:

Particle Theory Group Meeting
Mondays at 12:30 pm 402 Old LeConte
Organizers: Filip Kos and Katelin Schutz

String Theory Group Meeting
Wednesdays at 3:40 pm 402 Old LeConte, 4th floor
Organizers: Ning Bao and Grant Remmen